Master Key Experience – Week 14 – Positivity Bias and the New Year Challenge!

So when you are presented with a choice, what is your first automatic response in your head?  Do you immediately jump to the – “Oh, THAT isn’t going to work out well for me!” or “Wow! I wonder what type of amazingness is going to happen here?!” Unfortunately, many people believe in the first response.  Jumping to a conclusion that has a negative bias.  After all, keeping watch out for that potential jaguar that may eat us is how our brains kept us alive back in the caveman days.  It is inscribed into our DNA and many of us have converted that into a poverty mindset from our parents, grandparents or great grandparents that lived during the Great Depression or through the rations of World War II.  The GREAT thing is that we have the absolute power to change our mindset and change our future!

We live in a world of abundance, if you just get your mind right and quit living with the fear of lack.  I know, I hear, the “buts” coming out.  Yes, we have visualized what we want our life to be and have worked hard for what we have and we have changed our mindset along the way. We had many previous times of counting change in the couch or in the car to grab a quick Taco Bell run.  Been there, done that,  and not going back there.  Why?  Because we have changed our bias and mindset!  What does that mean?

That means that we look at life with not the “oh crap, now what?” mentality but the “Oh WOW! I can’t wait to see what awesome thing God has us set for now!” You get what you look for and you reap the thoughts that you are feeding yourself at every moment of the day.  So if those thoughts at self defeating thoughts, guess what you are going to get??  Yep, you guessed it!    Let me give you a few examples!

When I was preparing for our trip, I was going through and wrapping a small gift for my kids and husband for Christmas Day.  I also wrapped up a small gift for our mentors Mark and Davene Januszewski that live on the island were are visiting.  I had it in my mind that we would meet for coffee or connect in some small 15 minute way.  I wanted to show them our appreciation for all that they have done to help us along our hero’s journey.

I was floored when we were on our weekly call and we were invited to come to their home for Christmas Day dinner.  They were amazingly gracious and welcoming hosts and we felt incredibly blessed to be able to spend some great quality time with them and their family.  It was much greater than I anticipated!

Another example was that when we came to our time share that we were to check in for two weeks that we had never stayed in, we wanted to drop off our bags and learned that it would be about six hours until we could check into our room.  The complex was well worn and it was an older set of buildings some facing the very busy street and canal.  We actively spoke out loud in our car as we were driving away, that we were absolutely going to get the BEST room in the complex.  That we were going to be on the first floor (we take a LOT of stuff with us!!) and we will have an ocean view room!  We kept saying that through out the day.

Guess what???  When we checked in, we received our room on the first floor with a sliding glass door that opens up to the beach and an amazing ocean view!!  Ask for what you want and be specific!!  Be positive in your thoughts at ALL times and change your bias from a negative one to a positive one and see what changes will happen in your life!


5 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 14 – Positivity Bias and the New Year Challenge!

  1. Another wonderful blog Stacy. I love this that you wrote – ‘You get what you look for.’ And you have shown us all proof how thinking brings about desires.
    Thank you so much. Blessings to you and your family.

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  2. Changing our thoughts to positive ones and being the observer of this and being intentional is absolutely transformative! Thank you for sharing this and I’m so glad that y’all were blessed beyond what you expected because you fixed/placed your thoughts on positivity bias and not negativity! Those are days of the past! So happy for you!

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