Master Key Experience Week 24 – Love is the Answer

Through this whole program, we have learned how to become the objective “observer” and a self directed thinker.  When I started this program, becoming the observer was like taking the red pill from the movie, The Matrix.  Everything opened up into a whole new universe of potentiality.

This program is a little bit like pealing back an onion.  There are layers upon layers of yourself that you end up finding, observing, questioning and actively participating in intentional future directing.  This isn’t something that just happens, but with consistent, focused attention has changed my life.

When I started becoming more of the observer of the actions and direction my life was going, I was able question myself and analyze why I reacted to things the way I used to.  Either getting upset, hurt feelings, expectations not being met and generally wondering why things were happening to me, I was able to recognize, relate, assimilate and apply the principles of the Law of Dual Thought, the Law of Substitution and in turn the Law of Growth.  What we focus on, is what we see or grow more of.  What we put out into the world has a way of coming back to us, through a vibrational tractor beam or high tech fishing rod.  I know it sounds woo-woo, but hear me out, there is a lot of Scripture that speaks to this as well.

In Job 4:8 is states,  “As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same.”  In Proverbs 11:27, “Whoever seeks good finds favor, but evil comes to one who searches for it.”  We are what we believe and we can be what we will to be.

This week has been fraught with what I used to call challenges, which I now see as opportunities.  I have been able to reflect on why my thoughts and feelings used to weigh me down.  Through this new clearer understanding of events, I can freely love and give grace to everyone I see and meet.  We are all children of God.  We are all here for a reason and to fulfill our purpose.

In the end, we live for LOVE.  Love is what is worth both dying and living for.  It is our sole purpose.  To show love.  This great video by the rock group, Shinedown with always perfect timing came up on my personalized radio station.  It hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew I had to include it in this week’s blog.

Go listen to it here –

“How we forget ourselves, lose our way from the cradle to the grave
You can’t replicate or duplicate, gotta find your own way
No one gets out alive, every day is do or die
The one thing you leave behind
Is how did you love, how did you love?”

We will all be known, remembered because of how we loved one another.  Think about it.  Everything we do is towards receiving love, acceptance, approval, ego, all those things that we are striving for.  Social status, we all want to feel loved.  Love is worth living for.  Love is worth dying for.  Love is what it all boils down to in this life.

How Did You Love? – Shinedown

You can have a sound of the thousand voices calling your name
You can have the light of the world blind you, bath you in grace
But I don’t see so easily what you hold in your hands
‘Cause castles crumble, kingdoms fall and turn into sand

You can be an angel of mercy or give in to hate
You can try to buy it just like it every other careless mistake
How do you justify I’m mystified by the ways of your heart
With a million lies the truth will rise to tear you apart

No one gets out alive, every day is do or die
The one thing you leave behind
Is how did you love, how did you love?
It’s not what you believe those prayers will make you bleed
But while you’re on your knees
How did you love, how did you love, how did you love?

Nothing ever feels the quite same when you are what you dreamed
And you will never look at anything the same when you see what I see
How we forget ourselves, lose our way from the cradle to the grave
You can’t replicate or duplicate, gotta find your own way

No one gets out alive, every day is do or die
The one thing you leave behind
Is how did you love, how did you love?
It’s not what you believe those prayers will make you bleed
But while you’re on your knees
How did you love, how did you love, how did you love?

This ain’t no cross to bury
We are the judge and jury, we are the judge and jury

No one gets out alive, every day is do or die
The one thing you leave behind
Is how did you love, how did you love?
It’s not what you believe those prayers will make you bleed
But while you’re on your knees

How did you love, how did you love?

This ain’t no cross to bury
We are the judge and jury
This ain’t no cross to bury
We are the judge and jury

How did you love, how did you love?
How did you love, how did you love?
How did you love, how did you love?
How did you love, how did you love?

Songwriters: Brent Smith / Scott Stevens

How Did You Love lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.


Master Key Experience – Week 23 – Embracing change

This week we had a trip planned to go pick up a puppy brother for our chocolate labrador, Drax out to the place we lived for 38 years, Northern California and gathered for meetings with some of our business team.

A little background, we moved to North Texas 12 years ago and it feels like home. There are a lot of people moving there, so we have been toying with the idea of checking out other locations in the country for our future. It’s important to know that my Dad passed away 13 years ago and my Mom has been gone for about a year and a half.

I visited this area a few times since my mom passed, but it hasn’t hit me nearly as hard as this trip.  Maybe it was after we got off the plane, the cool long forgotten Delta Breeze carrying the scent of the azaleas and camellias that brought me straight back to my childhood.  Maybe it was how similar my mother in law keeps her home that reminded me of the quirkiness of my Dad.  The shared experiences of these same family members with two people missing.  It never bothered me before, but seeing so many other friends losing their parents, it just really made me sad.  Each time as I encountered this sadness, I changed my thoughts to gratitude and then reached out to friends that inspire me; my mastermind partners.  It helped quite a bit. But there was still something out of place, a different feeling, another loss.

Not only did this trip bring me some sentimental sadness, it brought out questions and insecurities that I haven’t felt in such a long time.  As I drove by the office building that I once worked in, reminiscing about the favorite lunch spot or the boss that I used to have that was so kind and showed me what it means to get a lot of work done quickly every single day.  They showed me what it means to be consistent even when it it was a challenge.

There was graciousness and growth in meeting up with some high school girlfriends that I haven’t seen in ages. While we all noticed the missed period of time, there was a grace, appreciation and growth that was so enjoyable that there was regret that we hadn’t gotten together in previous visits.  A promise made to keep up better.

The biggest surprise was the realization that if felt like this was a test of my personal beliefs of who I was before with who I am today.   Wondering if this is part of the process?  While I am recognizing and relating that these internal emotions are a motion of gratitude for the past that brought to where I am today, but that I am a much different person than the one that I left here 12 years ago.

I have grown into a self directed thinker and when Davene states in this week’s lesson “are we looking at creating a new life or do we want a respite from the life that we have?” it suddenly hit me.  I am not only feeling sad about missing my parents, but I am also mourning the life that I am actively given up for something that I truly want for my future self.  I am also standing up in the newness of accepting who my future self really is.  It is someone that has paid the price through hard work, personal development, being vulnerable, coachable, open to my future self and being of service to others.

Acknowledging that I have let my ego keep myself blocked from receiving what it is that I truly want and not keeping up consistently with my sits is something that I recognize now and will remedy.  I know that I will finish strong and trust myself to move to the next steps that my future self is cheering for!

In Week 23’s lesson, its also reassuring that I don’t need approval from anyone else to truly be myself. That some people won’t understand and that is okay.  As long as I am in service to others, moving forward with love than everything that I need to obtain my Definite Major Purpose will show up.  I recognize, appreciate and cheer on others that are taking the step to work towards and live in their DMP.  It is an amazing thing to see and be apart of.  I am grateful for all that my journey has brought me up to this point and I can’t wait to see what’s next!  It’s just the beginning!


MasterKey Experience – Week 21 & 22 – Putting down the cape..

Part of the feminist movement was the belief that women should do everything and do it better than anyone else.  With social media, the comparison game has upped the ante.  At a speech back in 2002, Carol Bartz, the first female CEO of a technology company – Autodesk, explained that work/life balance was a myth.  Even so far as saying that doing everything yourself – keeping a clean home, doing all the laundry, working out, feeding the kids breakfast, making their lunches, working 40 hours a week, helping them with homework, making dinner, extra activities and then having a spicy marriage was a “f**ing myth”.

The best thing about the Master Key Experience is that there is always something that I can R2A2 – recognize, relate, assimilate and apply in my life.  I hadn’t realized that I was measuring myself on my ability to do everything.  I fell for the myth that I was less than if I didn’t do everything great!  My magnifying glass was ALL over the place!   Mark spoke that “we can do anything, but we can’t do EVERYTHING at the same time”.  I’m not sure why it was such a revelation.  It makes complete sense that when we overfill our plate, are “too busy”, our ego is in charge and we make excuses to do the things that make ourselves look good, but may not necessarily be getting us any closer towards our Definite Major Purpose.

We are living the lives that we chose.  We don’t have to do everything.  What decisions does my future self want me to do to get closer to my DMP?  What is wonderful is that I was working on this before the week’s lesson.  I put down one of my hats as my son’s tutor for his university model school.  This not only allows him the help that he needs, but frees my time to be able to work my business during the days that he is being tutored.  Where I was feeling guilty that I wasn’t able to give my son the best educational experience, I was able to put down my ego and get him what he needed and freeing my time up so that I could focus more on obtaining my DMP.

Utilizing feelings of guilt, unworthiness, fear, anger and hurt feelings can through the Law of Substitution when observed can be flipped and used to focus, concentrate and move to act on moving towards my Definite Major Purpose.  The Fabulous Davene explained that while we can sit and wallow in negative feelings that keep us from action and continuing to relive those feelings or we can acknowledge them, apply the Law of Substitution and use those feelings for fuel to further us along the path of our Hero’s Journey.


Master Key Experience – Week 20 – The Dash

“Because we do not know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. And yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, an afternoon that is so deeply a part of your being that you cannot conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four, or five times more? Perhaps not even that. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless.”

~ Brandon Lee, interview from the movie set of The Crow.

So why does it all seem so limitless?  In terms of the life of the planet, we are here for less than a blink of an eye.  However, it seems like we have been here forever.  Because of this feeling, we are lulled into a sense of comfort and habit.  Days just passing from one to the other.  Dawn to sunset ever so quickly.  We realize that the older that we get, the days seem to move faster with no appreciable progress.  That is why we are all going through the Master Keys Experience.  Learning how to make those days between birth and death, “the dash” meaningful and fulfilling our purpose.

I hadn’t really thought about my longevity until my friend, Dr. Pat McLean was talking about her 100 year journey.   I am constantly inspired by my sweet, fun and adventurous friend who is in her late 60’s as she is hopping up on a camel in Egypt, trekking through her yearly hike in the Swiss Alps, exploring Tibet or visiting The Great Wall of China.   Pat would just tell you it’s part of her journey to help humanity, heal others and inspire others to live their best life.  She certainly inspires me!

This week’s lesson was about taking our dash or timeline, picking our favorite season and recognizing exactly how many of those seasons that we have left.  Using Pat’s method, mine looks like 1969-2069.  I have always loved all four seasons for their beautiful gifts, but there is something amazing about Spring.  Everything fresh, budding with new life, the air with that hint of flowers.  In North Texas, everything comes out of hibernation and the grass turns from it’s dull brown to a vibrant green.  The smell of bermuda permeates the air along with the energy of the bees coming out to pollinate.  There is a humm or buzzing that there is something exciting just about to happen.  Almost like you are on the edge of your seat!

Looking at the years we have left is a sobering example for many.  No one is guaranteed tomorrow and in Scroll 5, in Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman, we learn that we must act today because if we don’t, we are wasting the wonderful gift that we have been given of making the most out of this day.  There is no reason to wait for the perfect time.  If it is on your heart to do something, then why aren’t you doing it today?  Do it now!!

I have 50 more Springs left in this life.  I have 4 more Springs with my daughter at home and 8 more with my son at home.  I want to make sure that I can make the MOST out of that time, building memories and experiences that they will be able to carry for the rest of their lives.   These will be spent exploring the world, cultures and bringing wellness, purpose & abundance to everyone we encounter.

How are you making your “dash” count?


Master Key Experience – Week 19 – Uncomfortable

So this week was a week where we didn’t have our normal routine. We didn’t have our “weekly” call that is full of “aha” moments and little tidbits that chip away at the cement that we have created over our beautiful golden, shining soul!  This week we were supposed to stay focused on the daily activities and use our “new found knowledge” to be more self directed.  What our life will look like without the specific structure of Master Keys and the wonderful help from Mark J, the Fabulous Davene, Lori, Derek, Gigi and the crew!

You know the memes that talk about how nothing great happens in being comfortable, yeah that was this week.  I am as a toddler, taking those first steps out on my own, looking around, not quite sure.  You know that look. That “holy wow!  I think I might be doing it”!  Its a new sensation.  Its awkward.  It feels funky.  Yep, that was this week!

I love that in that feeling of unsuredness (is that a word?) that I was able to grab my Og Mandino with Scroll 5 and focus on appreciating that if this was my last day to walk in these shoes.  What would I do?  Life is tenuous.  Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and we should make sure that everyday we give thanks for all our immense blessings and gifts.

I love that I was able to grab one of many piles of cards and flash through all the accomplishments and gratitudes that I write down every day.  In feeling slightly like I might to a toddler trip, I am able to grab them and remind myself that I have quite a lot to be happy about and that God’s got this!  I have set my goals with my DMP and He sets the steps.  I must have faith each day.  My faith will block out the fear of running into the table or falling down.

Just like that toddler, I WILL persist and get back up.  I know that this wonderful program that I have and the Master Keys are here and I will succeed in doing all the tasks.  This week my Franklin virtue was tenaciousness.  I was blessed to witness it in many team members that have taken their fingers off the table and some are walking along with me.  It makes me so happy to see them taking chances and trusting us in helping along their journey as we do this experience along side of them!  It is a privilege to witness these amazing transformations happen together.

I am blessed beyond measure and I will delight in the uncomfortableness along with my friends.


MasterKey Experience – Week 18 – Faith

“Faith blocks out fear” – these four words by Mark Januszewski just clicked with me.  Gratitude recognition each day magnifies the Law of Growth that helps block out fear.  What you focus on grows.  Boom.  Again. What you focus on grows.  If you focus on negativity and fear, then you will grow more of it for yourself. You see it in the world.  You focus on it.  You have the choice to choose to focus on it.  So when you are stuck in a negative thought, recognize it, understand it and switch your thought to something positive, beautiful, loving and kind.  Take action if the situation calls for it.  If you need help just look.  Everything is right in front of you, if you just look hard enough.

In my daily life, I work with a LOT of people that write or speak about having fear and anxiety.  It almost seems like a badge like “busyness”.  Busyness isn’t a virtue.  Kindness, patience, love, strength, stamina, bravery are all virtues that I resonate with, that I am grateful to witness in many of my friends that I connect with in life.

Faith begets gratitude begets hope begets knowing that you will be changed and happier in your life.   It ALL starts with faith!  Who do you have faith in?

For me, I LOVE to help people realize their purpose and potential.  So my question is that to me it seems that many people feel inconvenienced to put in the time to figure out why they are fearful, stuck, depressed, anxious, etc., so they drug it, push it down and not actually look at that feeling of lack.

Could it be a lack of vital nutrients like Vitamin C and D?  Certainly, but it can also be for the lack of following their purpose or stepping into the purpose that they are too fearful to step into and have faith that God has them where they are supposed to be.

So what are we pretending to not know?  Well for me, I know that I have to “let go of the banana” of what I currently have and trust that God has set the steps for my Personal Pivotal Needs and Definite Major Purpose.  It means that I need to acknowledge that what I am trying to do takes a lot of work and that I when I step into it, I may regret that I wasted valuable time because of my lack of faith, but so what, I am doing it now!!  I am not going to be weak and slothful in doing what I know I need to do any longer.  That my need for approval from others and need to be liked has kept me  held back, but I have things to do.  I can be what I WILL to be!  And I choose to live in my God given purpose to inspire and help others pursue their God given purpose.

Faith, Gratitude, Love, Hope = #itshappening!



Master Key Experience – Week 17 HJ – Light it up!

Okay, so if you have been reading this blog and last week was the halfway point of my life, you read that I was dealing with a lot of examining of my feelings, using the Law of Dual Thought and the Law of Growth.  If we are not committed to change, then we will go back to the same life we have always had.  The disappointment of yet another diet not working.  The disappointment of not having some fairy tale type birthday or whatever.

On a side note:  can I just say how much I detest fairy tales?!?  I have first hand seen where young women have passed up great guys because they weren’t showing up on a white horse ready to offer them keys to the castle.  Seriously, girls, we need to get out of our own way, already!

I would say that for the last few weeks, I have been feeling off. Whether it is my old blueprint that has a strong need for approval, need to feel liked, I have just been in a funk.  Well, when Lori began the live session on Sunday (which I didn’t attend …because funk – aka “refusing the call”), she completely hit it on the head.  As I was so focused on doing the tasks, writing and flashing my cards, reading Og and the Keys, I just wasn’t feeling it.

Yes, I have had a few really awesome things happen that have shown me that I “can be what I will to be” and I feel like there is something on the horizon that I am stepping in to where my DMP is leading me. It didn’t click for me until Lori said that we should be celebrating that feeling of being uncomfortable.

That previous thought of comfort comes from the peptide addiction of my old blueprint,   my associative memory.  You know that thought that was when I was in 4th grade and I bombed that test in math or that time in high school when Mr. Geeky Science teacher that wore a white lab coat told me that I was too pretty (and I added too stupid) to know anything about the subject that we were covering that I had a question on.  “Just put your pretty little hand down”.   Yeah…that associative memory.  I was clinging to it.  I was also clinging to the poverty mindset of “better get that now, because you may not be able to afford it later!”.   I was clinging to the “well…Christmas is right around the corner…so lets wait”.

So many things that are comfortable, not what I want for my future, but comforting.  Now that isn’t to say that I won’t have something extremely spectacular to comfort my future, but I have to give up who I was, for who I want to be.  The DMP that I am reading three times, every single day.  My future self is counting on me.  I am not pretending any more to not know what I need to do to get my goal.  #itshappening!


Master Key Experience – Week 17 -Expectations

So this whole journey started a few years ago by wanting to be able to “achieve” more and finally get to our elusive goals.  What has this interesting journey has turned into is understanding why we do the things that we do each day, why we have those feelings that tend to give us a hiccup and invariably hold us back from living in our true purpose.  This has been one of the MOST difficult things that I have gone through.  Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t hard things, matter of fact the tasks are pretty easy.  Its our previous beliefs and our brain chemistry that keeps us held back.  They are intertwined together.

Let me give you an example.  Today is my 50th birthday.  (Thank you! You see…there it is expectation).  Let’s get beyond mere pleasantries and customs and dig deeper.  For me personally, as most people, my parents were the models that I followed as well as most of society.  When we think of big birthdays, there is this personal belief that something magic should happen.  My parents were of a poverty mindset (they were awesome!! Don’t get me wrong, but they grew up with a limiting mindset) where they had to wait for big events in life to make them special and celebrate.  My dad had a big party when he was both 40 and 50.  Friends from all around came over to celebrate “the Over the Hill” birthday boy.

Personally, I am not a fan of big parties and I feel uncomfortable being in the spotlight when I haven’t done something special.  To me, just waking up each day for 50 years isn’t that difficult of a feat.  Honestly, I see 50 as a half way point anyway.  Yes, it’s wayyy better than the alternative.  I am grateful that I am here and healthy for my family and plan on taking care of myself so that I am here for many years to come.

So here is the thing, as the observer, I am noticing that I am pretty addicted to the “disappointment peptide”.  I keep catching myself going there and telling myself, Really???  I buy ANYTHING I want. I travel ANYWHERE I want (this is part of my DMP as well).

So what am I doing?  I am recognizing my feelings, I am relating as to why I am feeling them.  I understand that I have the choice to NOT feel that way and I am applying my company’s product HEAVILY so that I can tie a new belief to a scent and let it go to work! I am going to spend an hour exercising (because that is on my DMP as well – Yellow Square by 2019 – which I have done…SCORE!!) and I am going to be the best, bad-assed 50 year old around!!


Master Key Experience Week 16 – Kindness

Did you know that there is something going around?  I know you probably think it is the flu or strep or latest virus going around, but nope that isn’t what I am talking about right now!  It’s kindness!  Do you notice the kindnesses around you?  We know that we see what we focus on and just like gratitude, searching and recognizing kindness in others just makes you feel good and therefore, you will continue that awesome, amazingly positive energy and pay it forward to others.

Our guide, Lori, stated this very profound thought that if we can recognize a virtue in others, then we have it ourselves.  We may not focus on it or exercise that virtue, but with the Law of Growth, we can apply that kindness that we see and create more kindness.

As the observer, I am hyperfocused this week on both witnessing kindness in others and trying to preform random acts of kindness for others without them knowing it.  Just by being conscientious about the act of looking for kindness in others has lightened my heart and reignited the belief that there are good people out in the world.  It helps me focus on being the light when I may feel busy, stressed or short on time.  There is ALWAYS time for kindness.  It may be holding the door open for someone, letting them in the traffic flow, it may be a simple act of looking at chores as a service or kindness to others that may soften your heart.

By performing kindness it puts us into the flow of giving and receiving.  It is a display of Emerson’s Law of Compensation.  By simply giving others kindness, you will more readily accept the kindness as it is given to you (which you accept with a thank you!).

To live a life that is full of love, light and happiness, it starts with kindness! We all have the power to start.  Once you do, you will not be the same!!


Master Key Experience – Week 15 – Application

This Master Key Experience is one of daily work and then applying what we have learned.  By recognizing the principles that we are working with each day and applying them to how we think, feel and behave, and making all those changes that we know are available to us in pursuit of our personal pivotal needs and definite major purpose!

Going through the holidays and New Year activities brought up a lot of my old blue print,  This year, I was able to be the observer of some bad habits of self pity and a belief of unmet expectations.  Those peptides were in full force this last weekend.   I used the Law of Dual Thought to think about what I wanted and not seeking anyone’s approval to make sure everything was perfect. It was in my blueprint to gain approval from others.  I was a people pleaser.  I can say the “was” confidently because I am the observer and I know that that is not something that is part of my current new Definite Major Purpose.

Mark J states that to know true freedom, we need to know that we don’t have to have anyone’s approval to step into our greatness.  Rachel Hollis said it as well, that most of the naysayers that we have in life are the ones that never accomplished anything and are threatened by our want to do something different.  We don’t need anyone’s approval to live in our perfect purpose.

After all, Og Mandino say’s it best in Scroll IV that we are “nature’s greatest miracle”.  Not one of us has the same genetics, history, experiences.  We are uniquely special the way that God made us.  We are His greatest miracle.  We are not here by chance but for a specific purpose and that is to let our light shine.  So even when my personal pivotal need is Recognition for Creative Expression, it doesn’t mean approval, but appreciation and the recognition that what we are providing is inspiring others and changing lives.

I can be what I will to be!




Master Key Experience – Week 14 – Positivity Bias and the New Year Challenge!

So when you are presented with a choice, what is your first automatic response in your head?  Do you immediately jump to the – “Oh, THAT isn’t going to work out well for me!” or “Wow! I wonder what type of amazingness is going to happen here?!” Unfortunately, many people believe in the first response.  Jumping to a conclusion that has a negative bias.  After all, keeping watch out for that potential jaguar that may eat us is how our brains kept us alive back in the caveman days.  It is inscribed into our DNA and many of us have converted that into a poverty mindset from our parents, grandparents or great grandparents that lived during the Great Depression or through the rations of World War II.  The GREAT thing is that we have the absolute power to change our mindset and change our future!

We live in a world of abundance, if you just get your mind right and quit living with the fear of lack.  I know, I hear, the “buts” coming out.  Yes, we have visualized what we want our life to be and have worked hard for what we have and we have changed our mindset along the way. We had many previous times of counting change in the couch or in the car to grab a quick Taco Bell run.  Been there, done that,  and not going back there.  Why?  Because we have changed our bias and mindset!  What does that mean?

That means that we look at life with not the “oh crap, now what?” mentality but the “Oh WOW! I can’t wait to see what awesome thing God has us set for now!” You get what you look for and you reap the thoughts that you are feeding yourself at every moment of the day.  So if those thoughts at self defeating thoughts, guess what you are going to get??  Yep, you guessed it!    Let me give you a few examples!

When I was preparing for our trip, I was going through and wrapping a small gift for my kids and husband for Christmas Day.  I also wrapped up a small gift for our mentors Mark and Davene Januszewski that live on the island were are visiting.  I had it in my mind that we would meet for coffee or connect in some small 15 minute way.  I wanted to show them our appreciation for all that they have done to help us along our hero’s journey.

I was floored when we were on our weekly call and we were invited to come to their home for Christmas Day dinner.  They were amazingly gracious and welcoming hosts and we felt incredibly blessed to be able to spend some great quality time with them and their family.  It was much greater than I anticipated!

Another example was that when we came to our time share that we were to check in for two weeks that we had never stayed in, we wanted to drop off our bags and learned that it would be about six hours until we could check into our room.  The complex was well worn and it was an older set of buildings some facing the very busy street and canal.  We actively spoke out loud in our car as we were driving away, that we were absolutely going to get the BEST room in the complex.  That we were going to be on the first floor (we take a LOT of stuff with us!!) and we will have an ocean view room!  We kept saying that through out the day.

Guess what???  When we checked in, we received our room on the first floor with a sliding glass door that opens up to the beach and an amazing ocean view!!  Ask for what you want and be specific!!  Be positive in your thoughts at ALL times and change your bias from a negative one to a positive one and see what changes will happen in your life!


Master Key Experience – Week 13 – Gratitude

As I sit on our flight to Kauai, I am grateful for an experienced American Airlines Flight Captain and First Officer that are making sure that we get there safely.  I am grateful for their supportive families  as many of them are/have been in the military and are away from their homes for periods of time.  I am grateful to the flight attendants that have been so kind to us.  I am grateful to the gate agents that were friendly and helped us check in our luggage.  I know that it will get there along with us with no issues! (Yes, they did!!) I am grateful for the ground crew that along with the flight crew did all the necessary safety checks to ensure a safe flight.

I am grateful to the mechanical and structural engineers that have worked many hours to build this plane.  I am thankful for their parents, teachers, professors and mentors to ensure that they knew what they were doing along the way.  I am grateful to executives at Boeing, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney and many other companies that provided products in the development of this plane.

I am grateful to the designers of the seats that even though I am typing because the little boy in front of me has reclined his chair ALL the way back, I have a comfortable seat to type on.  I am grateful to the in flight entertainment in the headrests that kept my children entertained, quiet and well behaved on this six hour flight.

I am grateful to the Wright Brothers who had tested their concept of flight with the first initial flight at Kitty Hawk. I am grateful that this trip has taken merely a few hours rather than days or weeks.  I am grateful to Leonardo di Vinci that was in the creative flow with concept of man with wings.

I am grateful for my Thieves Hand Sanitizer, Spray and Cough Drops to keep my family healthy and happy. Lastly, I am grateful that my husband Charles and I are able to provide this experience and trip to our children and grateful for ALL the memories that we will be able to have during these next few weeks.

I am sooo very grateful to God for this amazing life!


Master Key Experience Week 12 – Woah!

When was the last time that you looked at yourself in the mirror?  When was the last time that you looked yourself in the eyes in the mirror?  When was the last time that you looked at yourself in the eyes, in the mirror and talked to yourself about your future?  *raise hand* Last Sunday for 50 minutes straight!!  Woah!! What an exercise!!

I have known what I wanted, but I couldn’t picture myself to be that person.  After I applied my special blend of empowering Young Living Essential Oils, I grabbed my one sentence DMP and started the task of focusing on the person that I want to be in my future with talking to myself in my mirror.  Definitely a challenging quirky request, but Mark J, Davene and the team haven’t ever led me astray so I thought I might as well go for it.  I felt a little awkward starting.

Even as I said my sentence a few times to myself in the mirror, I just thought, okay, this is a little strange.  Then the more I kept repeating it, the more emotional the exercise became.  I started seeing visions of who that person was as I was stating the fact of who I am going to be “a happy, enthusiastic, inspirational, respected RCD traveling on a whim to visit my worldwide team with my family..”  I started to believe what I was hearing and started to see a familiarity of what I look like in the future, how I behave and what I need to say to be inspiring to others.  It was an extremely powerful exercise that I will be doing every week!

We also added in index cards that carry previous accomplishments and the ability to curb negative thoughts through understanding that “Bear Hugs Kettle”.  The metaphor is that it is in the nature that if we solely focus on the negative that it will be our demise.  We know that through the Law of Dual Thought that we can choose which one thought we can concentrate on at a time.  We can either be positive or negative, but we can’t be both at the same time.

What a wonderful week full of awesome breakthroughs.  I know that I can be what I will to be and who I want to be in my future.


Master Key Experience Week 11 – Persistence

“A million dreams is all it’s gonna take, a million dreams for the world we’re gonna make” ~ A Million Dreams, The Greatest Showman

In the movie musical, The Greatest Showman showed PT Barnum had a clear vision of what he wanted and was persistent in what he wanted in life.  In this culture of instant gratification, so many of us these days give up before we accomplish our goals.

This week, we learned that persistence is the result of our daily consistent activities.  In network marketing sometimes we are told by eager leaders that excitedly tell you that you will be successful if you just “don’t quit”.  Success in network marketing isn’t just “not quitting” but consistent, persistent forward movement and action.  Sometimes that we means we stumble, but we are persistent with action.

That doesn’t mean that everything will be successful, but it means that you are on the way to finding the 1001 ways to not make a light bulb as noted by Thomas Edison.

Persistence is the key to obtaining our Definite Major Purpose.  Being mindful and watchful of the things that keep us holding onto our old blue prints.  Those things that get in our way.  Those things that seemingly “pop up”.  That seem to keep us on the path of our existing life.  We must be persistent in keeping the “watchman” at the gate and persistent in continuing our daily MKE activities to ensure that persistence becomes that good habit that Og Mandino tells us that we must have in Scroll 1.

There are days that we feel like we aren’t doing enough, but persistence each day to do our best will get us to the life that we are craving.


Master Key Experience Week 10 – Alignment

One of my really good friends is Dr. Pat McLean who is this amazing chiropractor and an energetic crossline Crown Diamond Leader is always talking about how if we are not in alignment, then the body doesn’t have the correct electrical connections to thrive, heal itself and prosper.   Pat is amazing, has this huge personality and I am so blessed to call her friend.  But I truly didn’t make the complete connection until I read through Master Key 10!

#19. “If your thought is in harmony with the creative Principle of Nature it is in tune with the Infinite Mind (God), and it will form the circuit.”

When the circuit is formed the Law of Growth is able to take place.  When we are grumpy, unfocused, negative, depressed etc., we are not in alignment and there is no connection that is made.  Clarity, wisdom, focus, intentionality, positivity are all thoughts that allow us to be connected to the creative mind that helps manifest our intentions.

In #20, Haanel goes on to talk about how “wrong thinking” can show up as stressors within our body and cause disease.  We know this from medical science that shows that when we are stressed our body builds up cortisol also known as the “death hormone”.  This runs havoc within our bodies.  Being able to manage and gain control of our thoughts so that we are in proper alignment is key to health and longevity, not to mention it allows us to live in our purpose.

Abundance can be had for all in as much as we have a clear, focused idea and goal that we make sure to continually focus on those thoughts that do not limit our ability to act!


Master Key Experience Week 9! – Breakthrough

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” In Haanel’s Week 9 Master Key #24.  This week I have had a break through in understanding concepts.  This is a difference between hearing, reading, understanding and then really grasping the full capacity of the concept into knowing and believing.  Watching things happen as they mysterious (or not so mysteriously) take place in my life.

This week I have been even more vigilant the observer as I noticed my subconscious wanting to fall back into routines.  The holidays can be a trigger for the subby to fall back into yearly routines that had snapped us back in the past.  One more challenge this year is that this is the second year without my Mother being alive. Grateful memories come to mind when I think of the previous years celebrating with family, playing games and enjoying laughs and each other’s company.   Because they will never be the same, there is a sentimentality to the yearning of wanting those times back.

However, this week’s lesson and keys, is exactly what I needed to stay on track.  While we have been reading and talking the Law of Dual Thought  along with the Law of Growth, there is a clearer understanding and almost knowing that I control my reactions to everything in life.  Over the years, with different businesses, I have had to deal with “control” issues from believing that I was too controlling in a particular process or dealing with “controlling” people.  As a Christian, we are taught that we don’t have control and that only God is in control.    I may set the goal and He sets the steps, but I most certainly have control and free will with the particular mindset I choose to have and my different reactions to things that in the past seemed like “luck”.

It makes my heart hurt to see people that struggle in their own private hell because of their circumstances that they don’t really understand that they have chosen themselves.  I know that it is only my job to live a life that can inspire others to take the steps that we choose in this program.  I am grateful, thankful and blessed that we found Mark & Davene.  Instead of feeling stuck in a life that I didn’t realize I created, I am on my way to living the dream that I never knew was possible.


Master Key Experience – Week 8 – Focus!!

To be completely honest with you, this isn’t my first rodeo.  Yes, we did the Master Keys last year and right about this time of the holidays is when we let our subby win.  Things became “busy”.  As they always do, right?  Just like every OTHER year.  I let my old blueprint win! This week, I have had ALL those same things have come up.  If we look at it, we ALL have justifiable excuses.  The stress of the fires in Northern California and knowing that my team members have been negatively effected and feeling at a loss of how I can help them.  My aunt and uncle losing their house and everything they owned in the same dang fire.

This week as President of the PTF (private school version of PTA), we chose to throw a Thanksgiving feast to the kids and teachers of the school.  This event wasn’t just one day but TWO.  Our chocolate labrador puppy was stung by something and was completely inflamed had to go to the vet and after a large bill, is en route to feeling better.  Then there are the holidays coming up next week.  Not only do we have to focus on preparing for the event, our business is tied to Black Friday & Cyber Monday so there is that pressure too!

Why am I writing all of this??  Thank you, by the way if you are still reading it!  My point in ALL of this is that we can tell ourselves that there is ALWAYS something more important.  Our subconscious is SUPER SNEAKY like that.  Its a way to keep you stuck.  Remember, Hannel tells us that our world without is a reflection of world within.

We have to be able to R2A2 – Recognize, Relate, Assimilate and Apply.  So what does that look like?  I recognize that life is generally busy right now.  I can relate that Part Six of the Master Keys tells us that we must gain control of our mind, so that we can sow the proper seeds of intention.  That with the influence of  the mind, we have the power to control the elimination of the undesirable effect.

To this, I will assimilate this process into my daily life so that I can control my reaction to things that try to distract me from my future self laid out in my DMP.  I can apply this specific principle of the Law of Dual Thought to catch myself when I am feeling distracted, or “too busy” to do what I know HAS to be done to get my stuff done.

I will NOT be distracted from my DMP.  I will not let my “busyness” of the season take over and control my beliefs.  “I can be who I WILL to be!!”.  There is nothing that will stop or distract me.


Master Key Experience – Week 7 – Love!!

“I will greet this day with love in my heart”!  Oh yes, I will!!  Today is a new day and a new month brings a new scroll in The Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino.  The Greatest Salesman is a metaphoric story of being the best person you can be in life.  This particular scroll is one of my favorites!  It exhibits the greatest gift that we have to give and that is an open heart for humanity.

Whether it is 1 John 4:16 (NIV) “And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. ” or Colossians 3:14 (NIV) “And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity“, it is written that love binds us together and is something that when given freely opens us up to enlightenment and potential.  When we give without reciprocity, we open up ourselves for that love to be poured into us.  Give more love, kindness, respect, hope and light and we will receive it in turn.

This scroll has been a huge piece of my ability to forgive and give grace to some of the past hurts that I have experienced in my life as I was going through them.  I look forward to greeting the future with love in my heart.




Master Key Experience – Week 6 – Procrastination

This week…I can feel that there are changes JUST right around the corner.  This week’s linking between our DMPs with the shapes and colors will accelerate the building of my new blueprint.

One of my biggest pieces of my old blueprint had been procrastination. Notice the word “had” in that sentence?  I have been rebuilding my new blueprint to cut down the time between having my idea and acting on it.  Not counting down to doing something.  Not talking about a better time.  Just acting on ideas.  Repeating “Do it Now!” twice a day, twenty-five times each has certainly helped.

One of the most insightful remarks from this weekend was when Lori was talking about our future selves and how through scientific verification and a functional MRI that we don’t feel invested or know our future selves.  Why would we necessarily put ourselves out for someone we can’t relate to or understand.  That “when we procrastinate, we give our future selves” a bigger problem.  In essence, we can either do something now that we don’t want to do, or we end up having to fix something bigger.  Its the same argument that I use with my wellness members.  We can take the time to do what it takes to be well now, or we can pay for it with disease or lack of mobility later.

So if you find that you are putting things off today, just “do it now” and get it done!!  You will feel 10 times better getting it finished than having it hang over your head.  Until next week!



Master Key Experience – Week 5 – No opinions, please!

Seriously, no opinions?  In this political environment when you feel like your head is about to explode, Master Keys puts us to the test!!  Can we really go TWO whole weeks without opinions?

As we string each week together, last week we were focused on being in the flow of giving and receiving.  But what are we giving?  What are we putting out into the world? Are we really as kind as we want to be or do we get stuck in our head in our opinions?  Do they rule what are thoughts are?  Do they matter or are they just our own ego?  Does our opinion matter or is it colored with our experience holding us back in the process?

Is our opinion coloring our own fear?  Is our opinion holding us back from change and in turn our potential to live in our God given purpose?

Opinion is defined at as:

  1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
  2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.
  3. the formal expression of a professional judgment:

Two weeks of catching myself from creating opinions, judgments, thoughts that generally don’t have bearing or even what may or may not be true will be helpful in moving in the right direction in helping me crack through the concrete to be the best that I was created to be!



Master Key Experience – Week 4 – Give More…Get More!

I can’t tell you how many times at the dinner table I heard, “You need to finish everything on that plate, there are starving kids in Africa!”  Or, “Turn off that light, your father doesn’t work for the electric company, you know!”  I am pretty sure many of my friends heard something similar growing up.  It has been an imprint on my life, which if we go out to dinner, you will realize that my plate is usually empty when we leave.  Now that isn’t to say that as an adult I blame everything on my parents.  They were just doing the VERY best and I truly believe that, but they were conveying the blueprint that they had growing up being children of parents that lived during the Depression.

As adults, we get to make that change from a poverty mindset to an abundance one, if we take the time to work through it.  We have heard it at church through Luke 6:38 NIV ~ “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”.  What about “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25 NIV

But you say that things are tight and that you can’t give monetarily?  Guess what??  Giving doesn’t necessarily mean money.  God loves a grateful giver!  That means with anything.  How about a kindness?  A gesture?  I know that when someone takes a moment to open the door for me, I appreciate it and it makes my day a little bit brighter.  The more that we give and gratefully receive, the more we are in the flow.

God doesn’t want hoarders because that stops the flow.  It has no where to go, if you aren’t giving it back.  If you think about it, money is a conduit, a tool for us to use, so is kindness, love, appreciation.  Now I am not suggesting that you send a sweet note to the electric company in lieu of payment, but I think you get my drift.  It’s ALL the same in the giving mechanism.   Let’s also get it out of our heads that thrown out saying..but I thought that “money is the root of all evil”.  Read it again…its the LOVE (or worship) of money that is the root of all evil.  Money is a tool!  Use it as such!  It’s also known as cash flow.  🙂

If you want a happier life, then you better be prepared to put it out first in the channels that you wish without expectation from getting it back from that particular person.  God has a way of giving people what they need when they need it.  Trust in Him.  Take the challenge,  for everyone you encounter give them a smile, a prayer, a flower, something and be a grateful receiver of such kindnesses because you are allowing that person to give as well!  Try it and let me know how it works for you!